Malovishersky Glass Factory

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The factory was established at the premises of glass factory, founded by the brothers Kruzhenkov Mikhail and Pavel in 1881 in Malaya Vishera in Novgorod region.


The factory was built by a German, Beldermann. His fellow countrymen and Czechs were masters. He appeared as an organisator of so-called now marketing. Belderman sent a large lot of product to Nizhny Novgorod and arranged an exhibition-sale. After that first orders were given to the factory. Glass cutter from Finnland were also invited to the factory by the brothers.

The factory developed rapidly. Varied product was delivered almost all over the world. In 19-20 centures varied product of the factory was delivered almost all over the world. Only beer mugs were of more than twenty kinds. Dozens sorts of shot glasses, glasses, bowls, lamp shades, tins, inkpots, salvers, vases, butter dishes, decanters, jars, matchboxes, wineglasses etc. As for dome lamps – there were about hundred types. The product was supplied not only in russian cities and the Imperial Court, but also to Germany, as well as Iran, Mongolia and the other Asian countries.

In the days of the Soviet Union factory glass was supplied for the Moscow Metro and Moscow traffic lights, the Stalingrad Tractor plant. Then when in 60th years the factory was “taken under wing” of Ministry of Electronic instrument Engineering, electron-tube glass was melted, radiovalves manufacturing of export quality was assimilated. The factory was the only one manufacturer of lead glass for kinescopesin the USSR.



For now the factory has great potential.

It is well known in the post-Soviet area.

Over 100 million cubic meters of gas per year could be used for production needs.

Over 3 megawatt of electric power with possibility of increase show high-potential for production growth, as well as for starting of all-electric glass-ceramics furnace.

As of today in the manufacturing are used: two furnaces for offhand blowing, two quenched cullet furnaces,
two frit smelting furnaces, two furnaces for pipe glass, furnace for annealing of end product. The factory’s staff number exceeds 70 people.

The factory has good geographic location; firstly it is situated in the immediate vicinity of sand recovery location for glass manufacturing, secondly it is situated in the immediate vicinity of the main transport corridors between Moscow and Saint Petersburg. It is also well located for purposes of product export by road to Europe or by sea through the ports of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region.

Having kept old traditions alive and treating quality of product to a high standard as in the USSR, the factury is ready to satisfy a demand of contemporary market.